Below are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials we’ve received from happy customers over the years. As an agent, we are prohibited from claiming that we have hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers unless we actually do have them.

“I am a property owner and knew APM thru a friend who use the company to manage properties. My previous property manager failed to manage my property and APM rescued me from the tainted relationship between me and my tenants. They are very professional and really know what they are doing so I won’t be bogged down by some subtle/tricky situations from the daily business. After APM took over, I was able to rebuild the value of the property (for both the landlord and tenant’s)so that both me and my tenants could cheer up again as we were able to shift our energies to other important things 🙂 I would strongly recommend this company.”

Raymond L. Apartments Building Owner.

“As a property owner, APM is a dream come true! I have a townhouse that Leon and his team has been managing for about 1 year. And based on my previous experiences with other property management teams/brokers, I am a HAPPY customer.

1) Customer service – Leon and his team always conduct in a courteous and professional manner. From the first time I went into the office to seek information, I didn’t feel being forced to sign a contract with them. And for the past 1 year, a couple little things have come up with the tenant and I am always well informed. Imagine a problem and possible solutions are both presented when issues arise. For example, tenant recently compliant about broken patio screen door and APM sent out a contractor specialized in window and door and gave a fair market quotation. Leon called me and presented the problem, the assessment from the contractor, made suggestion and asked how I would like to proceed. I appreciate that I was involved in the decision making, and I am always are given the option to make my own assessment or repair.

2) Clear documentation – APM utilizes on-line accounting service, where all the income, expenses documentation, contract and repair receipts are always clearly written and presented. At anytime, I can download, review activities that is related to my property….a real help when tax season comes.

3) Keeping the tenant happy – I know that Leon and his team respond to my tenant rapidly when called. As a landlord, I feel the essence of respond time is critical to a good property manager. Simple equation, happy tenant = longer rental = less destruction = less headaches.

4) An advocate for landlord and the tenant – before the rental, video and picture documentation are taken on the condition of the property. That way, it protects both tenants and the owner when the tenant decides to move. An extra step that shows me APM cares.

Good people, great customer services, takes care of my property and tenants as their own. For all the wonderful professional services I have received; I am going to be with APM for a very long time.”

Ellen H.

“APM has been managed our properties for over 15 years. We are very happy with the service they provided. They are professional, responsive and trustworthy. They screen the tenants for us, fix things for us and always pay on time. We feel worry free even when we are out of country. They take care of everything for our properties, and did a really good job for us. I would say they are one of the best property management companies we have worked with.”

Joanna C.

“From my initial meeting with Leon Pham and with the continued support from Cliff Wood, APM has always provided reliable and trustworthy property management. The entire APM staff has always kept me, as the property owner, informed of any issues the renters have brought to them. APM handled “minor” renter issues and has assisted in finding repair services so that I have been informed but not overly burdened. APM operates as a property owner would hope a knowledgeable and experienced property management company would.”

Jose L.

“I have used APM for over 20 years since 1992. They are very dependable and select very reliable tenants for me. They give very good advice for me and usually we choose the right tenants. Some of the people who apply for renting from me can be furious and said bad things about the company. Recently they rented out a property for me and I am very satisfied with the tenant. I will still trust them and use them in the future.”

Lena T.

“After over 24 years as the managers of our property in Union City, I want to compliment you and your staff for outstanding service. All repairs or concerns from the tenants were acted upon immediately, with the health and safety of the tenants always in the forefront. When any repairs were needed, the contractors you provided were fast and reliable, with costs and our best interest in mind. Your experience in the property management field and knowledge of renters’ rights put our minds at ease over the years. Again, we sincerely want to thank you for your personal attention and expert advice when we sold the rental. “

Bill M.

“I came to APM on a referral for a short term management of a property until an estate was settled. I could not be more happy with the thoroughness of your services and the professionalism shown the tenants. In addition, APM provided a great referral in Bruce/Pop’s Construction in renovating the primary residence of the estate and a second great referral in realtor Phil Hunt in selling this rental property. I will recommend APM at any chance I get. Thank you Leon!”

Dan A.

“Affordable had managed our property for over 10 years. People at Affordable are professional and prompt to address any issue. It has been a good experience working with Affordable.”

Anthony C.

“Thank you for your support over the years. With your professional help I can consider early retirement. Eventually I will need to move back in my rental. Thank you for your professional support over the years I’ve been truly blessed by your company.”

Alex C.

“I utilized APM to assist with getting my rental property ready. The rental paperwork was sent to me promptly and my rental listing was uploaded in a reasonable time frame on craigslist. They were diligent in responding to applicants that had applied to rent my property. Management was great at consulting me on my options. This would be property management that I would recommend.”

Melissa W.

“APM could not be better. I use 3 other property management companies in other areas, none of them are half as good as APM.”

Beverly F.

“Thank you for all of your very professional help in the past decade or so in dealing with me and maintaining a great rented condo association with us. Thank you.”

Mohan I.

“I used APM for the first time and I was very impressed with the level of service they provided. The staff are friendly and professional. I highly recommend them.”

Ahmad H.

“I am your customer for nearly two years. I thank you for your good and professional service. I am really happy with your property management. I will refer you to anybody who wants your service.”

George H.

“I’ve had a rental agreement with APM for over 10 years. The staff handled any problems I had with a professional manner. I would recommend, and HAVE recommended APM to anyone who is looking for rental property.”

John S.

“I was very happy with the experience I have with APM. You people are doing a perfect job in managing my property.”

Efren M.

“Our experience has been great that’s why we’ve been using APM for over 18 years.”

Ernesto C.

“I have a very good relation with your service for more than 5 years. I will recommend Affordable to my friends.”

Liao Family Property Management, LLC.

“Very professional, easy to work with and pleasure having them manage our property. I would use them again.”

Manuel D.

“Excellent! This company made owning rental property from a distance easy! Thank you!!!”

Mrs. Hatten

“Superb! Everything is straight to the point no talking in circle. Just exactly how we are looking for and how we want it.”

Ailyn A.

“The people here have only ever been helpful. Whenever an issue needed resolving or questions answered, they are quick to get things done right.”

Julia S.

“Excellent! When I call, I get prompt service, no ifs’ or buts. Thank you.”

Dennis M.

“This is the best service I would like to introduce to friends….”

Dao N.

“We are very satisfied with the management handling the process. Awesome!!”

Yonas Y.

“Excellent property management company.”

Donald R.